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Marrero Moment: Bromwell Kids

Posted 3/17/23

In this week’s episode of the Marrero Moment, Superintendent Dr. Alex Marrero answers questions from third-grade students at Bromwell Elementary.

EDUCA DPS Podcast – Talent Acquisition (Spanish)

Posted 3/17/23

En el episodio de esta semana del EDUCA Podcast, hablamos con Leticia Levi y Lacey Nelson, líderes de Adquisición de Talento para DPS. Escuche a Leti y Lacey sobre cómo su equipo apoya la hoja de ruta estratégica al reclutar, retener y hacer crecer a nuestra gente.

EDUCA DPS Podcast – Talent Acquisition (English)

Posted 3/17/23

On this week’s episode of the EDUCA Podcast, we talked to Leticia Levi and Lacey Nelson, leaders of Talent Acquisition for DPS. Hear from Leti and Lacey on how their team supports the Strategic Roadmap by recruiting, retaining and growing our people.

DSA Breaks Ground on First of Four New Buildings

Posted 3/17/23

Watch a video recap of the groundbreaking event and hear from Superintendent Dr. Alex Marrero, Board of Education Director Michelle Quattlebaum, and more about what this expansion means for Denver students.

Women’s History Month Video Feature: Adella Arredondo

Posted 3/15/23

This week, we’re featuring Adella Arredondo, Executive Director of Family and Community Engagement, in celebration of women’s history month. Adella discusses her experiences working for DPS, being a mother and pursuing a doctorate degree.

EDUCA DPS Podcast – Policy Governance (Spanish)

Posted 3/10/23

En este episodio del podcast EDUCA, la presidenta de la Junta de Educación de DPS, Xochitl Gaytan, y la directora de la Junta, la Dra. Carrie A. Olson, se sentaron con DPS para hablar sobre la Junta de Educación y la Gobernanza de Políticas.

EDUCA DPS Podcast – Policy Governance (English)

Posted 3/10/23

In this episode of the EDUCA podcast, DPS Board of Education President Xochitl Gaytan and Board Director Dr. Carrie A. Olson sat down with DPS to talk about the Board of Education and Policy Governance.

Shania Zordani – DPS Celebrates Women’s History Month

Posted 3/10/23

Finding work-life balance as a mom is challenging! Hear from one of our Special Ed Paraprofessionals about how she tries to juggle it all.

Marrero Moment: New DPS Studio Set

Posted 3/3/23

In this week’s episode of Marrero Moment, Dr. Marrero answers questions from our staff and teases the new DPS studio set!

Ceylon ECE – 8 Groundbreaking

Posted 3/3/23

This week, Colorado Governor Jared Polis, Superintendent Dr. Alex Marrero, DPS leadership, and our Board of Education joined Swinerton Construction, DLR architect group and DPS families in a groundbreaking celebration commemorating the beginning stages of construction on our Ceylon Campus. Ceylon Campus is a new project, voted on and passed through the 2020 Bond cycle. Ceylon will be an ECE-8 school, and it is located in a rapidly growing community in the Far Northeast of Denver. Ceylon hopes to serve this community well, with innovative classroom spaces and a STEAM model of education, with an emphasis on Project Based Learning.

Ceylon will open its doors to students beginning on Aug. 19, 2024. When it opens, it will serve ECE- through second-grade students, with one grade added per year. Families can apply through SchoolChoice during the first round window of the 2024-25 year.

Watch our video recap of this important day, and hear more from our distinguished guest speakers about this exciting project.

Justin Simmons visits Green Valley Elementary

Posted 3/2/23

Safety for the Denver Broncos, Justin Simmons, visited Green Valley Elementary school to share with students that he will be giving them a new playground! Our students had a blast hanging out with him! Thank you for this generous donation and for being a great role model for the kids.

Marrero Moment with Wayman White

Posted 2/24/23

In this week’s episode of Marrero Moment, Superintendent Dr. Alex Marrero sits down with the Principal at the Contemporary Learning Academy (CLA), Wayman White. Principal White welcomes Dr. Marrero to CLA, where the DPS Studio is located. Dr. Marrero and Principal white discuss the work that goes on at CLA as the oldest pathway school in DPS.

Angel and Atalia – DPS Celebrates Black Excellence (BHM)

Posted 2/22/23

Atalia Lee and Angel Amankwaah of DMLK continue to rise to the challenge! Not only have they achieved greatness in debate, they excel in everything they do. Atalia and Angel participate in several other extracurriculars as well as attending college courses in their spare time. Atalia has served on DMLK’s “The Take” podcast in its second year, which successfully raised awareness about racial equity. Angel served as co-chair for Steps to Success Montbello Youth, which works to decrease youth violence. Both Atlaia and Angel are finalists for scholarships and have been admitted to numerous colleges, where they will, without a doubt, continue to make DPS proud.

Ben Butler – DPS Celebrates Black Excellence – BHM

Posted 2/3/23

Ben is as passionate about theater and art and literature as he is about football and sports and is as sensitive and sentimental on the football field as he is tough in the classroom. He is constantly working on both his curriculum and instruction, striving to provide rigorous as well as authentic and meaningful engagement opportunities in his classroom and in Manual’s theater program. He also runs an incredibly inclusive boys’ varsity football program where he focuses on character development as much as he does fitness. He advocates for equity in the building and most recently played a huge role in the re-development of the Humanities department writing rubric to be better aligned with our grading for equity practices. Ben is someone both students and adults turn to in the building for advice, support, a laugh or a happy hour after a long work week. He says he doesn’t know how he does it all, but he knows the more he puts in the more he gets out. #BHM2023 #blackexcellence #BlackHistoryMonth #DPSBlackExcellence #teacherfeature #ManualHighSchool

Posted 2/3/23

On this week’s episode of the EDUCA Podcast, we interviewed Wes Ogburn, Program Manager for School Culture and Grant Van Pelt, a nationally-certified school psychologist for DPS. Hear from Wes and Grant about what bullying prevention looks like in DPS as well as resources for parents. “When it comes to social media in the bullying prevention world, we think of it as a location. The goal then is to create a culture in our real life — one of kindness, empathy, and upstanding that will then translate to the online space.” Watch these important conversations in English and Spanish. DPS is committed to preventing bullying in our schools. Please visit for resources on how to prevent bullying.

Posted 2/3/23

En el episodio de esta semana de EDUCA Podcast, entrevistamos a Grant Van Pelt, psicólogo escolar, sobre el enfoque de DPS para la salud mental, así como el plan general de Colorado para abordar los días de salud mental. DPS está comprometida con el bienestar mental y físico de sus estudiantes y personal, y reconoce el impacto que tiene el equipo de servicios de salud mental dentro de las escuelas.

At Denver Public Schools, we believe in the power of bilingual education. Research shows that when given the opportunity, Spanish-speaking students perform better in bilingual classrooms. In addition to maintaining their Spanish language, they also learn English faster and with more proficiency.

Spanish-speaking students at over 50 DPS elementary schools are able to receive bilingual instruction. Many of these students continue to develop their bilingualism through the Spanish courses offered at our Secondary schools to ensure they graduate with the Seal of Biliteracy. Learn more about our K-5 bilingual programs options here.

On this week’s episode of the EDUCA Podcast, we interviewed Libby Malone, a nationally-certified school psychologist about the DPS approach to mental health as well as Colorado’s overall plan for addressing mental health days. DPS is committed to the mental and physical wellbeing of its students and staff, and recognizes the impact that the mental health services team has within schools.
En el episodio de esta semana de EDUCA Podcast, entrevistamos a Grant Van Pelt, psicólogo escolar, sobre el enfoque de DPS para la salud mental, así como el plan general de Colorado para abordar los días de salud mental. DPS está comprometida con el bienestar mental y físico de sus estudiantes y personal, y reconoce el impacto que tiene el equipo de servicios de salud mental dentro de las escuelas.
The Denver Marade, a parade to honor the life and legacy of Civil Rights Leader Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. took place this week in our lively city streets. In keeping with our tradition and our commitment to equity and inclusion, the DPS community showed up in full support of this meaningful annual event.

On this week’s episode of the EDUCA DPS Podcast, Will Jones, Executive Director of Communications for Denver Public Schools, sits down with social worker Amanda Wentz, for an important discussion on substance abuse and mental health. Amanda works for DPS as Manager of Substance Use Prevention and Therapeutic Service Provider Programs.

Since 2017, when the substance use prevention program began, Amanda and her team have served over 10,000 DPS students annually through education. In 2022, therapeutic service provider programs were launched, and in their first year served approximately 500 students through individualized therapy.

Amanda and her team are invaluable to our DPS students’ health, safety, and overall well-being. This is a crucial and candid conversation you don’t want to miss.If you are worried about yourself or a student you know experiencing substance misuse, please reach out to: (720) 423-2269 You could save a life!

Most know Chauncey Billups as a legendary NBA basketball player turned NBA coach with an extensive and seriously impressive resume. For Denverites, they also know him as a hometown hero.
A proud graduate of George Washington High School, he joined current students, faculty and staff as they celebrated their newly renovated basketball court. The court is dedicated to Chauncey Billups.
In the first Marrero Moment of 2023, DPS Superintendent Dr. Marrero answers questions from one of our special education teachers at North High School’s MI Center! Tune in to hear Dr. Marrero’s answer on how we’re setting up special education students for inclusion and his thoughts on Bad Bunny! Today’s episode was filmed in our dazzling DPS studio located at Contemporary Learning Academy.

In this week’s episode of the EDUCA Podcast, Javier Ibarra sits down with Eric Love, Director of Schools for the Office of Early Childhood Education! A lifelong fierce advocate of Pre-K education, Eric likens early childhood education to building the foundation of a house.

Posted 1/6/23

To kick off our first episode of the EDUCA Podcast, we interviewed Claudia Tarango, an Enrollment Representative with the Office of Enrollment Services. Claudia breaks down what you need to know about SchoolChoice for the 2023-24 school year.

Posted 1/6/23

Para dar inicio a nuestro primer episodio del Podcast de EDUCA, Mario Quezada, Representante Principal de Inscripción de la Oficina de Servicios de Inscripción. Mario desglosa lo que necesita saber sobre SchoolChoice para el año escolar 2023-24.