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DPS to Remain Open and Operating on Normal Schedules

Jan. 22, 2019
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DPS Superintendent Susana Cordova is affirming her commitment to keep schools open now that the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA) has voted to endorse a strike.

DPS has asked the Department of Labor to intervene to assist the two sides in resolving the dispute. At this time, we are not clear when a strike will occur and understand this uncertainty is difficult for our teachers and our families.

“We are committed to keeping our schools open and on normal schedules during a strike to support our students and their education,” said Superintendent Cordova. “I recognize this has been a challenging process and a time of uncertainty for many of our educators and the entire DPS community. I remain open to continuing this dialogue and reaching an agreement that honors the incredible work our educators do every day. Through it all, we will focus on supporting our students.”

The school district’s most recent offer included $26.5 Million additional dollars, which would boost educator pay by an average 10% next year, a clear and easy-to-understand salary table and, importantly, incentives for teachers to work in Title I schools, plus retention bonuses for teachers who return to the district’s 30 highest priority schools.

Superintendent Cordova added: “We know the DCTA wanted our offer to be more generous. We are already cutting more than $10 million from our central support teams to fund the proposal that is on the table.”

DPS is providing resources for families to help them plan for a strike at Among the most important things parents can do to prepare for a strike is ensure their student’s contact information is updated in the Parent Portal and that medication information is up-to-date. Questions can also be answered at the Family Helpline at 720-423-3054.

“To our teachers: We want and need you in our classrooms,” Superintendent Cordova said. “Our state has underfunded education for over a decade. Fortunately, our new governor is working to change this by funding full-day kindergarten. This has helped us put more money on the table for teacher pay. We want to work to reach an agreement and we welcome support from Gov. Polis and his administration to bring us both back to negotiate.”

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