DPS to Announce A New Program to Help Denver Educators Buy Homes

Apr. 11, 2018

Contact: Alex Renteria, Manager of Media Relations,

Landed and Zoma Have Partnered with DPS to Make Home Owning a Reality

Denver – Denver Public Schools will announce a partnership between Landed – a San Francisco-based startup that helps essential professionals buy homes – and Ben and Lucy Ana Walton of the Zoma Foundation. The partners will launch a down payment assistance program to support all public school educators in the city and county of Denver.

In 2017, the DPS Board of Education declared that increases in rental housing and home prices are outpacing income growth in the Denver metro area, impacting the district’s ability to compete for the most highly-qualified teachers. The board resolved that DPS will actively explore opportunities to positively impact availability of more affordable housing for district educators. Landed is an effort to increase access to homeownership for educators in Denver.

Denver Public Schools announces partnership between Landed and the Zoma Foundation to aid educators in the home-buying process

DPS Board Member Lisa Flores, DPS Superintendent Tom Boasberg, DPS educators, Landed Co-founder Alex Lofton, Zoma Foundation representative Laura Pinnie

Thursday, April 12
10-10:30 a.m.

Denver School of Innovation and Sustainable Design
Morey Campus
840 E. 14th Ave.