South High School’s National Day of Silence Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

Apr. 21, 2017

At South High School, students take a vow of silence to draw attention to the forced silence of the LGBTQ+ community. However, South students are not content with being silent, so they “Shatter the Silence” the following week with the Day of Action, where they choose to focus on something they see is wrong and fight to change it.

Their teacher, Matt Craig, said he is “so beyond proud of their work to embrace the humanity and dignity of the community.”

“Day of Silence is our way of supporting those who can’t speak by not speaking. We break the silence at the end of the day to end LGBTQ+ oppression,” said tenth-grade student Becca Nichols.

“The Day of Silence is a change to open up a conversation about the LGBT community and their oppression. With more conversation, there are more pathways to change,” added fellow tenth-grader Nicole Resendiz.