DPS Shares Stage with Global Leaders in Education

Nov. 9, 2017
Supt. Tom Boasberg joined educators from across the globe for the Global Cities Education Network symposium.
Supt. Tom Boasberg joined educators from across the globe for the Global Cities Education Network symposium.

During the week of Nov. 6 – 10, Denver welcomed educators from seven countries around the world for the Global Cities Education Network symposium. Co-hosted by DPS, Asia Society and CU-Denver, the gathering served as an opportunity for leaders to learn from each other in a shared mission to provide students with college and career opportunities to build a thriving workforce in a global economy.

As the second U.S. city to hold the symposium, part of the event focused on ways the Denver community is bringing progress to students through intentional partnerships with the community, businesses, policymakers and institutions of higher education.

DPS had the opportunity to learn from effective education practices from around the world — as representatives were in town from Hangzhou, Hiroshima, Hong Kong, Houston, Lexington, Melbourne, Seattle, Shanghai, Singapore and Toronto — to bring more support to students in Denver.

“Working with colleagues globally allows for an open dialogue, and Denver is a leader in preparing all students for success in our global future with a willingness to thoughtfully learn and apply successful lessons from around the world,” said Asia Society’s Vice President of Education and Center for Global Education Director Tony Jackson. “We are eager to both share their progress, as well as learn from their successes and challenges.”

DPS Superintendent Tom Boasberg added, “The core of education in our country is equity in college and career opportunities. Above all else, we seek to open doors for our students and help them get through those doors.”

More and more, learning is happening outside of the classroom, which was a big topic of discussion last week. One of the many opportunities DPS shared last week was the new CareerResidency Youth Apprenticeship model, which was built on the highly-successful Swiss system. The DPS model — currently available in four high-growth industries — combines on-the-job training through an apprenticeship program where students are paid, can earn free college credit (up to an associate’s degree) and have the opportunity to earn an industry certification, all while in high school. The apprenticeship program is a partnership with CareerWise Colorado, and it transforms the traditional high school learning approach to one where students get real world job experience to guide their college and career choices and readiness.

“My business classes, internship and apprenticeship taught me everything I need to know to function in a work setting, and eliminated the fear of me not getting accepted into college. My peers and I were going to just find a job after high school, because that’s all we knew. Now that I am taking college classes and learning from business leaders in the community, it’s given me the confidence to know I can make it in college,” said Chigo Egbune, a senior DPS student in the apprenticeship program, who is considering a future career in politics or journalism.

Education is about creating a sense of identity for students, and in DPS, students are motivated by the ability to choose their path and learning preferences. This flexibility, combined with rigor, is how DPS is redesigning the high school experience to ensure Every Child Succeeds.

For more information on DPS college and career programs and services, visit To apply for the 2018-19 CareerResidency apprenticeship program, visit by Nov. 30, 2017.