DPS Shares Latest Survey Results

Nov. 10, 2020

Thank you to our students, families, and staff for taking the time to share feedback with us. The feedback we receive is critical, as we use it to inform upcoming decisions for student learning during COVID-19. 

We invite you to read through our key findings here in English and here in Spanish. Below are a few excerpts from our research, along with actions our district is taking to address concerns and drive improvements: 

What we heard: Student well-being is now lower than it was in May 2020, at the early stages of the pandemic. Students told us that they are experiencing stress daily due to learning remotely, with a greater percent of students identifying as Native American, Latinx and Black reporting stress.  What DPS will do in response: As a district, we are focusing our efforts to address the social-emotional and mental health needs of all students and employees, centering on our most vulnerable students. Some of the strategies being implemented in schools this fall include universal health screenings to assess social-emotional health, utilization of special service providers to maintain a safe school environment in both the virtual and building setting, and strong behavioral and mental health supports for our students who need it most. 
What we heard: Students identifying as Black or Native American report the least satisfaction with remote learning. However, parents/guardians in the same demographic groups are the most likely to say their kids are learning as much or more than their peers during remote learning. What DPS will do in response: We are identifying schools where Black and Native American students report strong remote learning experiences, so we can replicate what’s going well. We are closing gaps in internet and device access, providing tech support opportunities to students, and strengthening teacher-student relationships. We may also need to do some deeper digging at the difference in results between students and their families.
What we heard: Six percent of our students tell us they went hungry three or more days during the past week.  What DPS will do in response: We are ramping up our food distribution outreach. Through geographical mapping, we added 10 more grab-and-go meal sites based on identified pockets of hunger. We are partnering with Hunger Free Colorado to improve acceptance rates for families qualifying for food resources. Through a partnership with the Denver Metro Emergency Food Network we are able to deliver free meals to 100 mobility-limited DPS families.
What we heard: While students in secondary grades report having more frequent conversations around race, we are still hearing a large number of students say they don’t think schools are preparing them to learn about their own race and identity. Additionally, students shared with us that they aren’t seeing people that look like them in their schoolwork.  What DPS will do in response: We believe that representation matters, and through our equity cornerstone goal, we are establishing a shared ownership of equity and taking steps to address inequitable systems and structures. We launched our Know Justice, Know Peace resolution to ensure that all schools include comprehensive historical and contemporary contributions from Black, Indigenous, and Latino communities.

The full summary of survey results is available here.

Next Round of Family and Student Surveys Launching November 30

While our survey participation numbers increased across the board in our latest survey, we are noticing a trend that white families continue to be overrepresented in survey participation. We encourage all DPS families and students enrolled in district-managed schools to share feedback through our surveys so that all voices are heard and ideas are captured when we make decisions, as a community. 

Please be on the lookout for our next important round of surveys which will be sent to families and students enrolled in district-managed schools on November 30. If, for whatever reason, you would prefer for your child not to participate in our upcoming survey, please click here to opt them out of the survey by November 24. You can preview the student survey questions below: