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DPS Requests Intervention by the Department of Labor

Jan. 23, 2019

Denver Denver Public Schools (DPS) has requested intervention by the Colorado Department of Labor in response to the Notice of Intent to Strike filed by the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA). The school district is asking that the Department of Labor take jurisdiction of the employment dispute between DPS and the DCTA.

In its filing with the state, the school district outlined how the potential of a teacher strike in the state’s largest school district affects the public interest. The list includes loss of instructional time from teachers on strike, disruption of students’ ability to receive food and medical care services, as well as creating a financial hardship on DPS families.

DPS officials also are concerned that a strike would substantially affect the public interest because a strike would deeply affect the culture of our schools long after the strike is over, including affecting the ability of the school district to hire teachers.

Denver Public Schools continues to ask the DCTA to come back to the table and resume negotiations. School district officials remain open to continuing this dialogue with union officials to reach an agreement that honors the incredible work of DPS educators.

Attached is the official filing.