DPS, Denver Water Team Up to Save Money

Jun. 29, 2017
DPS brings recycled water to three more schools with Purple Pipe Project.
DPS will bring recycled water to three more schools with the Purple Pipe Project, saving taxpayers more than $320K annually.

Summer is sizzling and DPS has partnered with Denver Water to beat the heat and bring recycled water to three new schools, expanding from 11 to 14 schools to conserve water and save taxpayer dollars.

The “purple pipe project,” named for the distinctive purple pipes that carry the water, have brought recycled water to DPS schools since 2006. This summer, purple pipe installation will be complete at Maxwell Elementary, DCIS at Ford and the Montbello Campus. The recycled water will be used on all irrigated parts of each school site, except for areas with vegetable gardens or artificial turf.

On average, 5,600 gallons of recycled water is used per school location each year. Using recycled water helps free up Denver’s drinking water and lessen the impact of drought on the city’s water supply. It also is cheaper than potable water, saving taxpayers a significant amount of money.

Upon completion of the three new campuses, the DPS purple pipe project will save taxpayers over $320,000 annually in water costs.

Recycled water is wastewater treated to a standard that is suitable for irrigation, meeting the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Regulation 84. Recycled water quality is monitored vigorously by Denver Water, and DPS maintenance personnel receive annual training on its uses. DPS sites using recycled water are clearly marked with identifying signage.