DPS Expands Access to High-Performing Schools

Jan. 23, 2018
DPS students
DPS students

DPS is providing greater access to high-performing schools for students from low-income families by expanding an enrollment pilot for fall 2018. This pilot is intended to allow schools to increase economic diversity while meeting the needs of their communities.

As the city continues to grow and housing prices increase, many parts of Denver are undergoing major shifts in demographics. This is resulting in significant changes in housing patterns. Diverse neighborhoods are struggling to balance the challenges of gentrification with the rich cultural histories of these communities.

DPS convened a citywide committee, the Strengthening Neighborhoods Initiative, to address these issues. Among their recommendations was expansion of the two-year-old pilot that gives priority to students who qualify for free- and reduced-price lunches, an indicator of poverty.

Two of the city’s most sought-after schools, East High School and McAuliffe International School, are just a couple of the 24 schools that have signed on to the expanded pilot.

“Our goal is to increase the number of students who qualify for free- and reduced-price lunch by at least 170 students within the next five years,” said McAuliffe Principal Kurt Dennis. “We look forward to continuing to work with DPS and the community to find ways to better serve all kids.”

Superintendent Tom Boasberg said research shows all students benefit from being in diverse schools, both academically and socially.

“We hear from students and families about how much they value being members of a diverse community,” Boasberg said. “They want to make sure their classrooms and their learning experiences are ones that they’re sharing and learning from students all across Denver who represent the racial, ethnic and economic diversity that is a strength of our city.”

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