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DPS Elementary Soccer League

Sep. 21, 2018

Hello, my name is Chris Webb.  I’m the PE Teacher and Soccer coach here at Eagleton Elementary. I wanted to make everyone aware of (and give a big shout out to those participating) to the DPS Elementary Soccer League.  This is the 2nd year of our league’s existence.  Currently we have 8 schools participating (Eagleton, Munroe, Barnum, Cowell, Knapp, Schmitt, Castro, and Traylor).  What began as a rough idea two years ago has blossomed into an exemplary sports soccer league that elementary kids (grades 3 thru 5) can participate in.  Twice a year (fall & spring), coaches from these schools meet to discuss the league and schedule games.  We play 8 v 8, with 40 minute games (20 minutes per half).  Separate girls and boys teams.  It’s been a great success, parents love it, and it adds to the overall school spirit and community togetherness that DPS strives for. A big shout out to the following coaches for all their hard work and dedication to make this league a success: Chris Webb & Cassandra Johnson (Eagleton) David Hauck & Maggie DeLaTorre (Munroe) Julie Nelson & Josselyn Perez (Traylor) Colleen Nyhus & Jennie Lipson (Cowell) Valeria Nevarez & Oscar Valcarcel (Barnum) Stephanie Fadness (Knapp) Diane Goes (Castro) Christopher Atkinson (Schmitt) As always, we look for ways to continue to grow and improve our league.  If anyone has questions or would like more information, please contact Chris Webb at Eagleton Elementary (