DPS Board Passes Motion to Extend Superintendent’s Contract

Dec. 16, 2021

Board amends Dr. Alex Marrero’s contract from a two-year to four-year term

DENVER – At their scheduled meeting on Thursday, Dec. 16, 2021, the Board of Education for Denver Public Schools (DPS) approved a motion to extend the contract of Dr. Alex Marrero. Board members amended the superintendent’s contract from a two-year to four-year term, with the same option for a one-year extension that was part of the original contract.

“I believe in bold leadership, and I believe that we have that in Dr. Marrero,” said Board President Xóchitl “Sochi” Gaytán. “We have already seen bold and swift action from him as superintendent. Having that positive impact on a district the size of Denver Public Schools requires more than two years. Extending this contract will help Dr. Marrero’s success.”

Board members say that this decision not only reflects their belief in Dr. Marrero’s ability to lead the state’s largest school district, but also provides much-needed consistency, stability and continuity in leadership for students, families and staff members.

“I trust Dr. Marrero to set a tone for the district that ensures our staff, students and families believe in the power of strong public schools,” said Former Board President Carrie A. Olson. “My affirmative vote this evening not only demonstrates my commitment to stability for our school district, it also highlights my expectation that Dr. Marrero will build on all that he’s started in order to make DPS the best school system it can be.”

Over the last five months, Superintendent Marrero spent time in classrooms, meeting with students, and collaborating with teachers, educators, families and community leaders throughout the Denver community. He values the lessons he has gained during his Listening and Learning tour.

“I am honored by this vote of confidence by the Board of Education, and I am incredibly grateful for the amazing reception and tremendous support I have received throughout my travels in this incredible city,” said Dr. Alex Marrero. “I will continue to build on what I have learned from the DPS community, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that every classroom within the district prepares all of our scholars for a great future.”

This move does not change Dr. Marrero’s $260,000 a year salary, which is the same salary as the previous superintendent, Susana Cordova. The contract is also being amended to make a change in the evaluation process that reflects the Board’s move to the policy-governance model.

The Board’s full motion on the contract extension can be viewed here.