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DMLK Students Selected to Serve on Black History Curriculum Student Advisory Board

Feb. 17, 2021

Black History 365 Curriculum Designed to Amplify Student Voices and Encourage Action-Oriented Solutions

DENVER – Students at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College have been selected to serve on the national Young Solutionists Student Advisory Board for Black History 365 (BH365), a Black History curriculum and textbook that was released on Juneteenth 2020. The student leadership group will govern student leaders in chapters around the country to help raise awareness about black history education and provide input about the evolution of the curriculum. The curriculum is designed to be a living, adaptable document that can be tailored to the needs of students and the community.

“Throughout history and to this day, students’ voices have been the catalyst and one of the driving forces behind change. Now that we’ve given student solutionists a platform to use their voices, we need to give them the space and power to make the change they see fit,” said Kaliah Yizar, a sophomore at DMLK, who will be serving on the advisory board. Seniors Alana Mitchell and Jenelle Nangah and sophomore Dahni Austin will also join the advisory board.

BH365 has both a textbook and musical component. The curriculum designers worked with Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum producer and artist Khao, who produced over 40 original songs to engage students around the content of the coursework. BH365 is actively seeking student leadership to amplify their voices and advocacy in their own learning.

“This is a natural next step for us,” stated Dr. Walter Milton, Founder and Co-Author of Black History 365. “When we heard about the journey of these amazing young ladies, and their work to get black history included in their own community, we knew we had to make them a part of our work. Our mission is their mission as, so it’s a natural partnership.”

The BH365 curriculum is currently in use at DMLK, and students are advocating for a more widespread adoption. BH365 is designed to align across all subjects in order for students to benefit from a holistic approach to culturally responsive and sustaining education.