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Denver Public Schools Celebrates National Intern Day

Jul. 30, 2020

Join us in celebrating the success of our Launch interns! More than 2,000 Denver Public Schools (DPS) students have successfully completed the Career and College Success (CCS) Launch Internship Program over the past five years, gaining invaluable first-hand experience in their areas of interest, such as engineering and medicine.

The Launch Internship program is radically changing opportunities for Denver’s youth and addressing the skills gap within our state. Of the interns that completed the 2019-20 Launch programs, 87% of students were more motivated to excel in school, and Launch interns of color and/or students who qualify for Free/Reduced-Price Lunch (FRL) were more likely to graduate than their peers. 

Interns are matched with industry partners and are supported throughout the experience, including a skills-training class that students take prior to their first day of work.  Internships take place over the course of a semester or a summer, and typically last 100 to 120 hours. Students may complete more than one internship, either returning to the same workplace or trying a different field.

While traditionally held in-person at worksites, the 2020 Summer Internship program has adapted to be 100% virtual. Projects that students have been working on including social media, video production and market research. 

“The Cleo Robinson Internship has helped me learn new skills and has provided me with a good and flexible working environment and experience. My work with [my supervisor] has been great and has really helped jumpstart my interest in my career field of coding and technology/IT. Thanks to the work and help of my coworker and Terry, I am more prepared for the future and my future careers and interests,” explains Joe O., an intern at Cleo Parker Robinson Dance.

In addition to the project-based work Launch interns are doing for their companies, they are complementing the virtual internship experience with online career skill-building, informational interviews, and supplemental training on things like building a LinkedIn profile and how to efficiently work from home. 

Our goal for the 2020-2021 Launch Internship program is to place 550 students in successful internships. If you’re interested in applying to be an intern, please reach out to your school counselor. If you or someone you know is interested in virtually supervising an intern, please contact Olivia Barraza Kee at