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Denver Public Schools Board of Education Supports Students’ Efforts to Curb The Impact of Gun Violence

Mar. 3, 2023
Members of the Students Demand Action group from East High School sit in the gallery above the Colorado House of Representatives

Earlier this morning thousands of our students took to the streets. Like countless others before them, they were pleading for help, calling on our Colorado lawmakers to take action to enact legislation to gun violence. 

The Board of Education stands with our students in their phenomenal act of civic engagement. We encourage every person in Colorado to take ownership of the safety and well-being of our young people. 

DPS is committed to ensuring that we provide safe and supportive learning environments for our scholars. We remain focused on the issue of gun violence and addressing the social, emotional, and mental well-being of those who have been traumatized by these instances, both locally and across the country. Our students demanding change and holding our public leaders accountable for gun violence is the type of display of civic action we will continue to promote in our scholars.

As a school district and as a Denver community, we hold the safety of all our students as our highest priority. We know that combating the negative impact of violence on young people requires the collaboration of many individuals, groups and agencies. From educators and family members, to law enforcement and lawmakers, each person has a role to play in this important work. We, along with school staff and families, were proud to walk with the students. 

East Students Demand Action has commanded our attention, here in Colorado and across the nation as a student-led movement unafraid of overcoming the obstacles which confront them.  We stand with our students and encourage every Coloradan to join us.

Auon’tai Anderson
Scott Baldermann
Scott Esserman
Xóchitl Gaytán
Charmaine Lindsay
Carrie A. Olson, PhD
Michelle Quattlebaum