Denver Public School announces the creation of Place Bridge Academy Land Review Committee

Feb. 13, 2020

The Denver Public Schools and the Board of Education want to thank the neighbors and community who provided valuable input into the decision about the best use of a parcel of land adjacent to the Place Bridge Campus.

Deputy Superintendent Mark Ferrandino said: “I greatly appreciate the community participating in an open and honest conversation around the future of this land.”

The Board of Education has asked Denver Public Schools to create a Place Bridge Academy Land Review Committee comprised of members from the surrounding regional neighborhood associations, staff and parents from Place Bridge Academy, and district staff. This committee will be able to review and provide feedback on any future viable proposal before the district would move forward with broader community conversations. These proposals could include open space, parks, school facilities, or development.

Board President Dr. Carrie A. Olson stated: “We are dedicated to building trust between DPS and the community, and this committee is a strong way to ensure community voice is included from the start, and throughout any future process. This is an example of the Board’s dedication to making sure our schools are community-led and district-supported.”

In regards to the current proposal around the development of the 13-acre site near Place Bridge, the Board and district leadership have decided we will not move forward with considering this proposal. The district will use this new committee to review any future proposal for any change or development on the land.