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Denver Online HS Teacher Wins CDE Teacher of the Year Award for Online & Blended Learning Schools

Nov. 3, 2017

Denver Online High School has changed drastically over the past four years.  The school morphed from an online school that struggled with connection, retention, enrollment, and student academic success, into a blended learning school that now is proud of continuously growing enrollment numbers and some of the strongest school performance ratings in the district, especially in the Pathways Network.  Denver Online has progressed over the course of four years from an Orange (Priority Improvement) rated school, to a Green (Accredited) school, and now to a Blue (Distinguished) rating, being one of seven schools in the district with this rating and the first Pathways school to earn a Distinguished score.  This work takes a team, and Denver Online is lucky to have incredible people at the core of it that help propel the school forward.  It is with great pride that Denver Online’s English Teacher, Jessica Glynn, was awarded by the Colorado Department of Education with the Teacher of the Year Award for Online and Blended Learning Programs for her integral work with Denver Online. Read more: