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Denver Online High School Student Takes his Shot at the NHL

Apr. 3, 2018

“The thing I want the most is to play in the NHL. That’s my dream. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do. That’s what I always will want to do,” Denver Online High School sophomore, Iain Riordon, said. But to claim that rare elite position, he knows he must do things differently than the rest. “You have to push yourself harder than anyone else. You have to be in the gym and on the ice more than any other kids,” he expressed. Like setting that 4am wake-up call in order to make it to his individual lessons that sometimes happen before the sun even comes up. In order to make his dream more accessible, he transferred to Denver Online High School. “Having a flexible schedule, I’m able, when there’s an opportunity to jump on the ice, even if it’s 1:30pm in the afternoon and everybody’s in class, I can still go get on the ice,” Riordon described. “I’m sometimes doing lessons at 12:30 around when everybody’s in school, and I just love that it gives me the ability to go out when no one else can.” Watch his Student Highlight Story here: See his full story here: