Denver Online High School Student Graduates with Bachelor’s Degree and High School Diploma in the same month

Jun. 11, 2018

Alex Jones came to Denver Online because he wanted the opportunity to pursue classes that he felt would best fit his dreams.  Rather than be placed in a high school that dictated courses he needed that fit into their idea of what a high school graduate needed, Alex chose another route.  As a result, he has accomplished a tremendous feat.  As a student at Denver Online, he was able to take advantage of the concurrent enrollment program and he was able to complete, not only his associate degree from the Community College of Denver, but a Bachelor’s degree from Metro State University.  He majored in computer science with a minor in math.  This has never been accomplished in the 159 years Denver Public Schools since its inception.  If all goes well, at the age of 18, Alex will be joining the Air Force Reserves or Guard as a second lieutenant and continue his journey to become a computer programmer for a major high tech firm.