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Denver Health Data Dashboard Update: Oct. 6

Oct. 6, 2020
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Transcription for the visually and hearing impaired:

Over the last three weeks there have been some concerning trends. We’ve had an increase in the daily number of cases in Denver from about 40, to about 95. That increase, fortunately, has leveled off and may be starting to go back down, although I think that’s a little less clear. I think it clearly as leveled off. Initially, nearly all of that increase can be accounted for by some fairly substantial number of cases among college students at Denver colleges. But as happens elsewhere, with transmission of COVID, it’s very difficult to keep it all limited within one part of the population. And so we have evidence over the past few week that this particular increase has become more broad than just among young persons going to college in Denver.

There isn’t a specific predilection for any specific part of the populations so we’ve seen increases in older adults. Fortunately, we’ve not seen significant increases in school-aged children. And I think that’s important to note. So, rates within school-aged children in Denver remain relatively low and stable. And so, in part for that reason, we continue to think that Denver Public Schools’ plan of reopening – carefully reopening – in-person instruction, in phases, starting with the youngest children, is a very good plan. I’m also very happy that DPS has been able to bring back students in the youngest age groups. Those are the groups we think that benefit in particular from in-person learning. So to have that group that we think that needs that so much be able to get back into the classroom is a high priority for us. And so we are excited to see that moving forward. We look forward to continuing the work with DPS to make sure those are safe opportunities for in-person learning.