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Denver Health Data Dashboard Update: Nov. 11

Nov. 11, 2020
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Transcription for the visually and hearing impaired:

Metrics are headed in the wrong direction – the metrics that we use to judge community transmission. So the 14-day average, which is adjusted for the population, is 829. That’s high, and increasing. Right now, Denver is averaging about 500 cases per day. And the other worrisome trend is the increase in hospitalizations, both with in Denver hospitals and across the state. We’re also watching very closely with these metrics around… that get at the impacts of COVID-19 on the schools, and particularly on those students and staff who are engaging in in-person learning now. We reviewed those in detail late last week, we’ll do that again today with DPS. We think it’s safe for people to be – in the ways that they are – using the DPS 5, we think it’s safe for people to be within schools.

The “DPS 5”: Complete a health screening, wear a mask, maintain physical distancing, meet virtually, practice good hygiene.

So – concerning trends, but a great program by DPS, to detect, to manage, and to use the DPS 5 to make schools a safe place for those learners who benefit the most.

How does the community play a role in keeping our schools open for in-person learning?

The current public health order is called “Home by 10.” And that has limitations on activities between 10 PM and 5 AM. And I think the key part of home by ten is strong admonition to only interact in person with the people who live in your household. And that’s hard, and it’s absolutely what is needed.