Denver Board of Education Will Vote to Extend the Contract of Denver Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Alex Marrero

Dec. 15, 2021

DENVER – The Denver Public School’s Board of Education will be considering a motion to extend the contract of Dr. Alex Marrero at their scheduled meeting on Thursday, Dec. 16, 2021. The Board will vote to amend the contract from a two-year to four-year term, with the same option for a one-year extension that was part of the original contract. The contract is also being amended to make a change in the evaluation process that reflects the Board’s move to the policy-governance model.

“The students, families and employees of the Denver Public Schools deserve stable, strong, compassionate and authentic leadership. Dr Marrero has demonstrated all of those qualities,” said Board President Xóchitl “Sochi” Gaytán. “The extension of this contract will be the continuation of that stability that we need to work through this pandemic and move forward with the implementation of a strategic plan that greatly benefits our diverse student population.”

Dr. Marrero has shown exceptional leadership in supporting schools, educators, and students, while also doing an extensive Listening and Learning tour to connect with and learn from the DPS community. Stability and continuity in leadership are critical to ensuring the strength of our schools and the acceleration of learning that is essential for DPS students.

“The entire DPS community has asked for consistent, bold, and authentic leadership. Tomorrow we deliver on those requests by extending Dr. Marrero’s contract,” said Board Vice President Tay Anderson. “This bold move ensures that we have the right leader to lead us out of the pandemic and to restore the promise of education for all students in the Denver Public Schools.”

The Board’s full motion on the contract extension can be viewed here.