Counting Every Child in 2020

Jun. 27, 2019

This morning the United States Supreme Court blocked an effort by the administration to add a question on citizenship to the census.

Denver Public Schools is proud to be a Safe and Welcoming School District, where we are dedicated to helping Every Child Succeed. DPS embraces our diverse students, families and communities – including our immigrant communities, and a full count in the 2020 Census will help ensure that every student in DPS is fully represented.

The 2020 Census will drive decisions on the annual allocation of $675 Billion in federal funding to states and communities. This includes funding for essential school programs and services such as Title I, special education, school lunches, Head Start programs and much more.

The Council of Great City Schools states, “Urban and other communities will continue to struggle to ensure that all their residents are counted in 2020. Housing mobility, multi-family and multi-generational living arrangements, language barriers, and wariness of government intrusion complicate the traditional Census-taking process even in the best of circumstances.”

The challenge for urban school officials, local government leaders, and community groups will be to effectively reach out to residents to encourage universal participation in the 2020 Census survey.  At Denver Public Schools, we’re committed to ensuring that no individual is left uncounted. We’ll work in partnership with organizations such as Together We Count Colorado the Council of the Great City Schools and with other local civic, business, and community leaders and the State of Colorado to engage, educate, and count every resident in Denver in the 2020 Census.

We want to ensure that all our children and their communities are given a full voice in policy decision-making.