COVID-19 Vaccines for Team DPS

Prioritization, Schedule, Progress

Vaccination Schedule

Complete ECE staff, school nurses, teachers and staff working in center programs for students with disabilities, OT/PTs and safety staff
Complete All school-based staff ^
All DPS Team members over age 65
All DPS Team members who have an accommodation (medical or family member)
Team members in these groups should check their email to set up a vaccine appointment.
Complete Central Office Team members spending time in schools
Complete Remainder of Central Office Team members

^ Schools are being scheduled for their vaccination day based on highest need (FRL%). View the schedule. All staff at each school (teachers, aides, office staff, cafeteria and operational staff, etc) have the opportunity to receive the vaccine, starting with the staff who responded “YES” to the vaccine survey sent by DPS. If you didn’t respond “YES” to the survey and would now like to receive the vaccine through DPS, please contact your manager.

* All staff in this group who expressed interest in receiving the vaccine through DPS have had the opportunity to receive their first dose and schedule their second dose.

Team DPS thanks Children’s Hospital Colorado and Denver Health for their support and partnership in vaccinating our educators!

Steps to Receive Your Vaccine

Step 1 to receiving your vaccineStep 1

Get a heads-up email from DPS in your inbox

Step 2 to receiving your vaccineStep 2

Get an email from our health partner to schedule your vaccine in your inbox

Step 3 to receiving your vaccineStep 3

Schedule your appointment

Step 4 to receiving your vaccineStep 4

Receive your first dose of the vaccine

Vaccination Tracker

Vaccine tracker 100 percent

This tracker shows our progress in offering vaccine appointments to DPS staff who indicated they would like to receive a COVID-19 vaccination from our health partners.