COVID-19 Dashboard

Denver County Data

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment has identified a number of different indicators that districts can use in consultation with their local health departments to determine what is best for each community.

DPS Data

We value transparency and want to share with our community information related to COVID-19 cases that are impacting our community.

Updated daily, Monday through Friday, when DPS offices are open.

January 27, 2022 Summary

Updated 1/28/22.

Due to staffing shortages, there may be a delay in updating the dashboard. The following data is accurate as of the summary date listed above.


Current DPS Staff Data

The following data is accurate as of the summary date listed above and includes DPS, charter and remote staff.


Current DPS Student Data

The following data is accurate as of the summary date listed above and includes DPS, charter and remote students.


Schools & Buildings Currently Impacted

The following data is accurate as of the summary date listed above and includes both DPS and charter schools.


Positive Cases

Only buildings with active cases are listed

Abraham Lincoln High School5
Academia Ana Marie Sandoval11
Acoma Building1
American Indian Academy1
Asbury Elementary School5
Ashley Elementary School1
Barnum Elementary School3
Beach Court2
Bear Valley International1
Bromwell Elementary School5
Brown International Academy9
Bruce Randolph HS1
Bruce Randolph MS2
Carson Elementary3
Castro Elementary School1
CEC Early College1
Centennial School2
Cheltenham Elementary School2
Colfax Elementary School3
College View Elementary School2
Collegiate Preparatory Academy1
Columbian Elementary School2
Columbine Elementary School5
Compass Academy MS1
Contemporary Learning Academy HS (CLA)1
Cory Elementary School2
Creativity Challenge Community (C3)4
DC21 at Wyman HS1
DCIS @ Baker HS1
DCIS @ Baker MS1
DCIS @ Ford4
Denver Green School Northfield4
Denver Green School Southeast1
Denver Language School Whiteman4
Denver Montessori Junior HS/Denver Montessori HS2
Denver School of Arts HS (DSA)3
Denver School of Arts MS (DSA)2
Dora Moore ECE-8 School1
Doull Elementary School5
Downtown Denver Expeditionary School2
DPS 18-21 Transition Program1
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College HS (MLK)5
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College MS (MLK)1
DSST: Green Valley Ranch MS1
Eagleton Elementary School1
East High School13
Edison Elementary School4
EGC Administration Building2
Ellis Elementary School4
Emily Griffith Technical College3
Florida Pitt-Waller School3
Force Elementary School1
Garden Place Elementary School1
George Washington High School6
Godsman Elementary School2
Goldrick Elementary School3
Grant Beacon Middle School1
Grant Ranch School2
Green Valley Elementary School2
Gust Elementary School5
Hamilton Middle School7
Highline Academy North East2
Highline Academy Southeast4
Hill Campus of Arts and Sciences4
Holm Elementary School8
Inspire Elementary2
Isabella Bird Community School4
Joe Shoemaker School1
John F. Kennedy High School (JFK)3
Johnson Elementary School2
Kaiser Elementary School2
Kepner Beacon MS6
KIPP Northeast Denver Middle School1
KIPP Northeast Elementary1
Knapp Elementary School3
Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy ES1
Lake International School1
Lena Archuleta Elementary3
Lincoln Elementary School4
Marie L. Greenwood Academy2
Math and Science Leadership Academy (MSLA)1
Maxwell Elementary1
McAuliffe International School9
McGlone Academy5
McKinley-Thatcher Elementary School1
Merrill Middle School3
Newlon Elementary School1
Noel Community Arts HS (NCAS)1
North High School6
North High School Engagement Center1
Northeast Early College2
Northfield High School14
Odyssey School of Denver1
Omar D. Blair1
Place Bridge Academy2
Polaris Elementary School6
REACH Charter School2
Sabin World School8
Sandra Todd-Williams Academy ECE Center2
Schmitt Elementary School1
Skinner Middle School4
Slavens K-8 School5
South High School7
Southmoor Elementary School4
Steck Elementary School2
Stedman Elementary School1
Steele Elementary School8
Stephen Knight Center for Early Education (CEE)5
STRIVE Prep - Rise HS1
STRIVE Prep - Ruby Hill3
Summit Academy HS1
Summit Academy MS1
Swigert International School4
Teller Elementary School4
Thomas Jefferson High School (TJ)7
Traylor Academy1
Trevista at Horace Mann2
University Park5
University Prep at Steel St.3
Valdez Elementary School2
Valverde Elementary School1
West High School4
West Middle School3
Westerly Creek Elementary9
William (Bill) Roberts6
Willow Elementary School5

Schools in Temporary Remote Learning

* ECE classes are canceled when the school is on remote learning

LocationGrade / ClassStart DateEnd Date
IAD HarringtonECE-3*1/26/221/28/22

Current, confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 are reported to us directly from students, staff, the local public health department, health care providers, or through our free COVID-19 testing for staff. Positive cases of COVID-19 are no longer considered current cases after 5 days. Since this data reflects information provided, it may include employees who are working remotely or students who are part of the virtual program.

In quarantine refers to the number of individuals currently quarantined due to potential exposure with a positive case of COVID-19 among DPS staff or students. This number does not reflect quarantines among staff or students who may have come into contact with COVID-19 outside of DPS. Quarantines are no longer considered current after 5 days from the first day of known potential exposure to a positive case of COVID-19.