COVID-19 Dashboard

Denver County Data

Metro Denver Partnership for Health has identified a number of different indicators that districts can use in consultation with their local health departments to determine what is best for each community while the state is under a Safer at Home order. For DPS, these indicators provide critical input on planning for safe and gradual return to in-person learning:

Data updated daily Monday-Friday.

DPS Data

We value transparency and want to share with our community information related to COVID-19 cases that are impacting our community. The DPS data in the COVID-19 Dashboard provides the following information:

Data updated Tuesday & Friday.

For Families

Denver Public Health

Denver County Data

Data from Denver Public Health. Click on the numbers below for more details.


About Monitoring Indicators

If any indicators are in yellow, DPS will continue to monitor the situation in consultation with Denver Health officials to ensure that any plans for a safe and gradual return to in-person learning continue to be grounded in health and safety.  If any of these indicators move to red, DPS will develop a plan with Denver Health officials for the next steps needed to keep our students and staff safe.

This indicator shows how likely the virus is to be transmitted from the community into our schools. It measures the number of positive cases per 100,000 people in Denver County in the past 14 days.

This rate helps us track whether the testing being done is enough to measure the true magnitude of infection, and understand if rising rates of positive tests are the result of more people taking tests overall – or of actual increases in coronavirus transmission in our community. It measures the percentage of positive PCR tests (the CDC’s current “gold standard” COVID-19 test) in Denver County.

October 23, 2020 Summary

Updated 10/20/2020 8:30 a.m. Data updated every Tuesday & Friday.


Current DPS Staff Data

Includes DPS, charter and remote staff. Click on the numbers below for more details.


Current DPS Student Data

Includes DPS, charter and remote students. Click on the numbers below for more details.


Schools & Buildings Currently Impacted

Includes both DPS and charter schools.


Positive Cases

780 Grant Street1
Abraham Lincoln High School2
Academia Ana Marie Sandoval1
Acoma Building1
Barnum Elementary School1
Bradley International School2
Carson Elementary1
CEC Early College1
Centennial School2
Charles M. Schenck Community School2
College View Elementary School3
Collegiate Preparatory Academy2
Colorado High School Charter Osage1
Columbian Elementary School3
Columbine Elementary School1
Compass Academy MS2
Contemporary Learning Academy HS1
Cowell Elementary School5
DCIS at Baker HS1
DCIS at Baker MS1
DCIS at Fairmont6
DCIS at Montbello HS1
Denver Justice High School1
Denver Language School White1
Denver School of Arts HS1
DSST: Byers HS1
DSST: Cole HS1
Eagleton Elementary School2
East High School2
EGC Administration Building4
Emily Griffith Technical College1
Enterprise Management1
Force Elementary School1
Garden Place Elementary School1
Godsman ELementary School1
Goldrick Elementary School1
Green Valley Elementary School1
Gust Elementary School3
Hamilton Middle School1
Highline Academy Northeast1
Highline Academy Southeast1
International Academy of Denver at Harrington2
Isabella Bird Community School1
John F. Kennedy High School4
John H. Amesse7
Johnson Elementary School2
Kaiser Elementary School1
Knapp Elementary School1
Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy1
Lake International School1
Lena Archuleta Elementary1
Lincoln Elementary School1
Maxwell Elementary5
McGlone Academy2
McKinley-Thatcher Elementary School2
Monarch Montessori3
Montclair Elementary School1
Munroe Elementary School2
North High School5
Northeast Terminal1
Oakland Elementary School3
Park Hill School1
Pascual LeDoux Academy1
Polaris Elementary School1
Rocky Mountain Prep Berkeley1
Rocky Mountain Prep Creekside5
Sabin World School2
Sandra Todd-Williams Academy1
Sierra at Barrett1
Smith Elementary School1
South High School2
STRIVE Prep - Kepner MS2
STRIVE Prep - SMART Academy HS1
STRIVE Prep - Westwood MS1
Swigert International School5
Trevista at Horace Mann2
University Prep at Steel St.3
Valdez Elementary School2
West Early College HS1
Westerly Creek Elementary3

Moved to Remote

Location (*Operational Closure)
John H. Amesse*
Oakland Elementary*

Current, confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 are reported to us directly from students, staff, the local public health department, health care providers, or through our free COVID-19 testing for staff. Positive cases of COVID-19 are no longer considered current cases after 10 days. Since this data reflects information provided, it may include employees who are working remotely or students who are part of the virtual program.

  • Staff
  • Students

Estimated percent of positive cases refers to the current estimated percentage of confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 out of our total staff or student population.

  • Staff %
  • Students %

In quarantine refers to the number of individuals currently quarantined due to potential exposure with a positive case of COVID-19 among DPS staff or students. This number does not reflect quarantines among staff or students who may have come into contact with COVID-19 outside of DPS. Quarantines are no longer considered current after 14 days from the first day of known potential exposure to a positive case of COVID-19.

  • Staff
  • Students