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Educator Resources

DPS recognizes that comprehensive, skills-based health education can be challenging to teach. When addressing mental, physical, social and emotional health there are a variety of individual, family and community values that overlap with health skills. That is why it is imperative that educators teach comprehensive health education with a values-neutral approach. The role of the educator in this realm is to provide medically accurate, age-appropriate, culturally responsive information that creates a safe space for students to explore individual values, while holding the space for dignity and respect for all.

In addition, educators are often tasked with the additional work of advocating for comprehensive health in their schools, as well as creating the structure and application for health curriculum throughout the school year.

Due to the level of work that goes into offering high quality and rigorous comprehensive health education, we strongly recommend that any educator who will be providing instruction, look at the resources provided on this page and to contact the Comprehensive Health Instructional Curriculum Specialist for further support.

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