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Check Your School’s 2017 SPF Rating

Oct. 12, 2017
children using computers in class

Results of the 2017 School Performance Framework or SPF, like an annual report card for DPS schools, were released today in a celebration at Holm Elementary. The school in southeast Denver achieved the district’s highest rating of Distinguished/Blue on its overall SPF rating and on the new Academic Gaps indicator that measures how well schools are serving all students.

To find your school’s 2017 SPF rating, please click here. Reports are available in 10 languages.

Among the highlights of the 2017 SPF results:

Our schools are improving: Ten years after the first SPF release in 2008, a record high number of our schools achieved our top ratings, Meets Expectations/Green or Distinguished/Blue. Most recently, a third of our schools increased their overall rating between 2016 and 2017, fueled by our students’ record growth in English language arts and early literacy. At the same time, the number of our schools receiving the lowest rating dropped by two-thirds

Growth over time: Districtwide, the number of DPS schools achieving our highest ratings has increased from 64 in 2008 to 122 in 2017, reflecting a stronger set of high-quality schools for district families. Today, 60% of our schools are rated Distinguished/Blue or Meets Expectations/Green.

Focus on equity: To emphasize our commitment to equity, this year we implemented our Academic Gaps indicator. We believe deeply that all children are capable of success. Nine schools saw their ratings decline and will receive additional supports in closing gaps this year based on this indicator.

Supporting our schools: Intensive supports and, when necessary, restarts (new programs and staff) are resulting in better schools for our kids. Nearly 80% of district-run schools that have had intensive interventions since 2010 continue to perform better than the schools they replaced.

School Performance Compact: We congratulate the students, staff and families at six of our seven schools that were being considered under the School Performance Compact. Based on improved results for those six schools on the 2017 SPF, only one school — Cesar Chavez Academy — is being designated under the Compact. In light of its performance and pursuant to the terms of  its charter school contract, Cesar Chavez will close at the end of the 2017-18 school year.

Learn more about the 2017 School Performance Framework results in this short presentation.

The SPF is part of our efforts to achieve our top Denver Plan 2020 goal: Great Schools in Every Neighborhood. Please visit to learn more about how we support all schools.