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Celebrating Pride Month

Jun. 3, 2021
LGBTQIA+ Pride Flag

On a hot June night in 1969, transgender women of color and other non-binary and trans people sparked the flame of what is considered the modern movement for LGBTQ+ liberation. As a collective, LGBTQ+ people and our collaborators have worked tirelessly to keep that flame burning bright through all kinds of struggles including the past and current pathologization and criminalization of our lives, the AIDS crisis, and the right to marry. We celebrate to remember. We celebrate in the name of equity, visibility, justice, and joy.  We celebrate to love ourselves in a world that often tells us we do not belong. We belong. In celebrating Pride Month, we uplift our LGBTQ+ elders, honor our communities, and build a brighter world for future generations. LGBTQ+ people have always fought to exist. We have always struggled to be seen as our whole selves and this is particularly challenging for transgender women and girls right now. As many bills across our country enact incredible harm upon transgender youth and seek to exclude these women and girls, we are proud that the state of Colorado has affirmed gender identity as valid and transgender people as a protected class. DPS commits to continue taking bold action to uplift and affirm LGBTQ+ students, staff, and families in our district. Happy Pride Month, Denver!

For me, Pride is about love and liberation. Pride is a love letter to my younger self, an act of liberating my body, mind, and soul, and about continuing to sustain bliss and life for LGBTQ+  generations to come.

– Levi Arithson (He/him/his) Program Manager, LGBTQ+ Equity, Culture, Equity, and Leadership Team

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What Pride Month Means to DPS

Pride means that I can celebrate my authentic self and celebrate my community.  Because of the incredible struggle of those who came before me and those in front of me, I can joyfully declare “Happy Pride!”  <3 and will do so all month long.
– Amanda Glomboski (She/her/hers) Special Education Instructional Specialist

One of the biggest celebrations of life and love.
– Wes Ogburn (He/him/his) Social Worker

This Pride marks my 31st coming out anniversary.  So to me, Pride means coming out and staying out to provide the shoulders for young people to stand on as they cultivate a world of universal LGBTQA acceptance and in turn provide the shoulders for the next generation.
– Dr. Ryan M. Fune, Senior Team Lead

Pride represents the safe space I never had when I was younger. A chance to be surrounded by wonderful people celebrating happiness. It’s a beautiful celebration of life and love that embraces so many people who may otherwise feel very alone.
– Jen Lueck (She/her/hers) Tech Teacher

Pride is a celebration of diversity that exists in the LGBTQ+ community and society as a whole. Gender and sexual diversity exists in all races, cultures, religions, creeds, ethnicities and families. When we celebrate pride, we affirm and honor all human beings. Pride is a season to enjoy the summer and spend time with friends and family. Pride is when I let go and embrace revelry and liberty.
– Chris Arteaga (He/him/his) Elementary Music Teacher

Pride means the celebration of who I am and who my children are. It is not just acceptance, but whole-hearted enthusiasm and joy to be had in allowing love to be the beacon that guides us. Pride is knowing that love no longer has to hide behind couched words of secrecy and can be lauded as beautiful and holy for its purity. Pride is knowing love.
– Destini Baldonado (She/her/hers) HS Math and Science