Celebrating Diversity at Ellis Elementary

May. 8, 2017
Ellis diversity celebration
Photo Credit: Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle

The Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle recently featured an article about the wonderful efforts Ellis Elementary has put forth to celebrate the diversity of its students.

From the article, written by Ruthy Wexler:

“We feel diversity is what made America strong. We know it is what makes Ellis stronger,” declares principal Nichole Whiteman, whose students hail from the nearby neighborhood [of Virginia Village] — and from China, Mexico, Thailand, Ethiopia, Iraq and a host of other far-flung places. “Our community is smarter, richer, more joyful and simply better because of our diversity,” Whiteman insists.

Some months ago, absorbing news of travel bans, Whiteman sat down with a few of her teachers and pondered how they could honor the school’s population. Ideas became a vision. Shortly thereafter — at 5:30 p.m. on March 22 — Ellis’ front doors opened to eager crowds. Ellis Elementary Celebrates our Diversity: A School without Borders Event had begun.

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