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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Submissions

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month student art

Student Artist: Akane Shinozaki, DCIS at Baker HS Junior

I was born and raised in Japan and I’m here in Denver as a sort of an exchange student. I love arts, nature, and animals!

Vision and Inspiration:

This piece of art is inspired by the Japanese traditional art style called “Ukiyoe”. In my piece of art, I wanted to express two symbols that are unique to Japanese culture, which is cat and Kimono.

In Ukiyoe style, Kimono is a very important part in terms of showing the person in the art more unique and beautiful. So I put a lot of effort into drawing Kimono. The Kimono pattern represents the waterside. And the ball drawn on my art is to show Japanese long history, as the ball is a Japanese traditional and artistic toy that has more than 1,000 years of history. And the reason I chose the cat is because cats are animals that are very close to Japanese people’s life then and now, in fact, we can find lots of old drawings with cats.

Asian Education Advisory Council Nominations and Awards

The Asian Education Advisory Council (AEAC) presented awards to honor our Asian students, families and community members during their virtual awards breakfast on May 2. An amazing 70 videos were submitted — watch them here! The AEAC was established, under court order, in 1985 by the DPS Board of Education. AEAC seeks to improve educational opportunities and to provide quality education for all students, particularly students of Asian American/Pacific Island (AA/PI) heritage. Learn more on the AEAC website or Facebook page.

Video Submissions