Celebrating César Chávez Day

Mar. 31, 2022
Honoring the legacy of Cesar Chavez

César Chávez was a Chicano leader who fought for civil rights and the labor movement in the 20th century, and his legacy holds a special place in Denver. Our city commemorated Chávez’s birthday as a holiday more than 20 years ago, many years before it was declared a national holiday in 2014. Each year, this holiday falls on the last Monday of March.

The César E. Chávez Peace and Justice Committee of Denver, an important group that has pushed for broader recognition of Chávez, has organized César Chávez Day marches since 2001 and accomplished many commemorative goals, including naming a park in the Auraria neighborhood after César Chávez in 2005 and unveiling a commemorative statue in 2015.

DPS recognizes the significance of the Chicano and labor movements to civil rights, and the importance of César Chávez Day.

Join the César E. Chávez Peace and Justice Committee of Denver at the 21st annual celebration on Saturday, April 2, 2022. The Marcha begins at 10 a.m at the Regis Chapel and ends at the César E. Chávez Park, 4131 N. Tennyson Street. Following the Marcha is a program and awards ceremony in the park at 11:15 a.m.