Celebrating Asian American and Pacific American Heritage Month

May. 15, 2023
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

With May being Asian American and Pacific American Heritage Month, Denver Public Schools wants to highlight the numerous ways that AAPI individuals and groups are celebrating in our schools and the broader Denver community.

Last weekend the DPS Asian Education Advisory Council had its annual award ceremony to honor students, parents, educators, and volunteers for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the Asian & Pacific Islander communities. Over 80 awards were given in academics, leadership, talent, and service.

Ways to Celebrate

Here are some specific ways that your school or team can celebrate AAPI heritage month:

  • Learn about Asian holidays and traditions: Teach students about holidays such as Lunar New Year, Diwali, and Eid al-Fitr. Introduce students to traditional customs, such as decorating red lanterns and exchanging red envelopes during Lunar New Year.
  • Highlight Asian cuisine: Showcase Asian cuisine in the cafeteria or organize a cooking competition featuring Asian dishes. This can be a fun way for students to learn about different ingredients and cooking methods used in Asian cuisine.
  • Explore Asian art and calligraphy: Incorporate Asian art and calligraphy into art classes or organize a workshop with a local artist. Students can learn about the history of Asian art and calligraphy and try their hand at creating their own masterpieces.
  • Celebrate Asian literature: Feature Asian literature in English classes or organize a book club featuring Asian authors. This can be a way to introduce students to new perspectives and diverse voices in literature.
  • Highlight Asian music and dance: Organize a cultural performance featuring Asian music and dance. This can be a way for students to learn about the different styles of music and dance in Asian culture and appreciate the artistry and beauty of these traditions.
  • Invite AAPI guest speakers, such as authors, musicians, and community leaders, to speak about their experiences, share their stories, and educate students about AAPI culture and history.
  • Host a film screening of movies that highlight AAPI culture and experiences. This can be followed by a discussion or a Q&A session with the students.