Our DPS Weekly

Our DPS Weekly: Helping Families Find the Connection to a Great Education for Their Child

Pictured above: Students at DCIS Montbello. Dear DPS Community, I hope you had a wonderful winter break. I was fortunate to be able to spend

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A group of educators pose for the camera with holiday-themed props
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Our DPS Weekly: Wishing You a Wonderful Holiday Break

Dear DPS Community, As we get ready to finish out the first semester and send our students off to the holidays and the break, I

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Teacher speaks to a group of students
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Our DPS Weekly: Discovering Your Einstein at Lena Archuleta Elementary School

Pictured above: Watch this video about Archuleta Elementary about how the school “powers up” – almost like the Super Mario Bros. do! Dear DPS Community,

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Students pose for a photo at the recent college application day event

Our DPS Weekly: Building a Brighter Future, One College Application at a Time

Dear DPS Community, At our third annual College Application Day recently, we welcomed nearly 150 DPS seniors from all across the city to a morning dedicated to

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Marie L Greenwood and students

Our DPS Weekly: Remembering a Trailblazing Educator

Dear DPS Community, This has been an emotional and inspirational week for me. We learned a week ago, on Nov. 15, of the passing of

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Superintendent Susana Cordova and the Teacher Advisory Council at their recent retreat

Our DPS Weekly: Collaborating with Those Closest to Our Kids

Dear Team DPS,   Thirty years ago, I became a teacher because I believed that I could make a difference in the lives of my

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Two Valverde Elementary students smile for the camera

Our DPS Weekly: Our Annual Report on School Performance

Dear Team DPS,   Today is the day when schools all across our district receive their 2019 School Performance Framework (SPF) results — our annual

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Student wearing a graduation cap, gown and tassel smiles while looking off camera
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Our DPS Weekly: Making Career and College Success Possible for Every Student

Pictured above: Watch this DPS Features video about the exciting $10 million grant. Dear DPS Community, This week, I joined several of our high school

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Student smiles while working on schoolwork as a teacher (whose back is to the camera) supports her

Our DPS Weekly: Learning from and Leaning on Our Teachers

Dear DPS Community, Thirty years ago, I took my first steps in front of a classroom full of sixth graders at Horace Mann Middle School

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Educators pose for a photo, smiling and raising their hands against a Montbello backdrop

Our DPS Weekly: Community Collaboration

Dear Team DPS, One of the things that quickly became clear to me as I traveled around the city during my first few months as

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