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Young kindergarten student smiles wearing a graduation cap

Our DPS Weekly: Monday’s Beaming Excitement

This is the face that comes into my mind every time I think about welcoming our kids back to school. The beaming smile, the wide

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Our DPS Weekly: A Moment of Gratitude

“Even with all of this positive change and momentum, I know that there is still more work ahead of us to ensure every child thrives

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Our DPS Weekly: Graduation Reflections from the Class of 2019

“Congratulations to all of this year’s graduates, their families, and the teachers, coaches, counselors and leaders who helped them every step of the way.”

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Our DPS Weekly: DPS Students Develop Ideas to Positively Change Their School Communities

“Seeing dozens of bright, motivated students working together to create positive change in the world filled me with hope that a more equitable future truly is possible.”

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Our DPS Weekly: Thank You Teachers for Supporting Our Kids

“I want to remind the world that educators are nation-builders. If we truly care about our fellow citizens and the future of our communities, countries

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Our DPS Weekly: Special Education: Creating Positive Outcomes for All

“As a parent with a special needs child, I learned lessons that I would never have learned as an educator.” — Sandra Just Dear DPS

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Students Smile on Steps at School

Supporting Brighter Futures for All Students

“With the support of our counselors and teachers, our students’ futures are full of opportunities and hope.” Dear Team DPS, One of the best things

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Two students

Our DPS Weekly: Plan Ahead for a Successful Summer

“Summer is a time for fun with friends and family, but it shouldn’t be a time where learning stops.” Dear DPS Community, With this week’s

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Three students in red shirts.

Our DPS Weekly: State Salutes Instructional Excellence

“Amazing things can happen when we challenge ourselves to do better, work harder and believe that together we can successfully unleash every child’s full potential.”

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Susana with students at College View

Susana Cordova’s Superintendent Entry Plan

Dear Team DPS, What does it take to ensure that every child thrives in our city? How do we ensure that all the children of Read More »