View the new vaccine requirements and masking and health procedures for the 2021-22 school year.


Our DPS Weekly


Our DPS Weekly: Thank You!…And Wishing You a Wonderful Spring Break

EnglishEspañolEnglish Dear DPS Community, This week, I want to take a moment to recognize and appreciate the tremendous spirit of togetherness, understanding, and perseverance of Read More »
Student on a swing

Our DPS Weekly: Looking Toward the Future With Optimism

EnglishEspañolEnglish Dear DPS Community, Thank you for your continued understanding and perseverance throughout this challenging school year. For all of us, the uncertainties and struggles Read More »
Student playing on playground in the snow

Our DPS Weekly: Updates on Snow Day Policy for 2020-21

EnglishEspañolEnglish Dear DPS Community, As we think back on one year since the COVID-19 pandemic first sent our students and staff into remote learning and Read More »
Students with masks on laptops in a classroom

Our DPS Weekly: Update on Increased In-person Learning for Middle and High School Students

EnglishEspañolEnglish Dear DPS Community, A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we know more about the virus than ever before, thanks to local, national and international Read More »
DPS staff in line for COVID-19 vaccines

Our DPS Weekly: Vaccines for All Staff, More In-person Learning for Secondary

EnglishEspañolEnglish Dear DPS Community, I am so pleased to share more good news with you on the vaccine front. By the end of next week, Read More »
A DPS educator poses with a thumbs up as they receive a COVID-19 vaccine

Our DPS Weekly: Supporting Team DPS in Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine

EnglishEspañolEnglish Dear Team DPS, I am excited to report on the progress DPS has made this week on making the COVID-19 vaccine available to our Read More »

Our DPS Weekly: Preparing for a Safe Return to In-Person Learning

EnglishEspañolEnglish Dear DPS Families: Thank you for all of the support and care you’re providing to our students--and each other--this week. Particularly in times of Read More »
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Our DPS Weekly: Welcome Back as We Plan Our Return to Schools

EnglishEspañolEnglish Dear DPS Community: Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a healthy and enjoyable winter break. And as we start the second semester, I Read More »
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Our DPS Weekly: Update on Health Conditions for In-Person Learning

EnglishEspañolEnglish Dear DPS Community:  Last week we shared our plans for re-opening in-person learning if health conditions allowed. This week we have important updates about Read More »
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Our DPS Weekly: Updating Your Learning Option for Middle and High School Students

The window for elementary families to change their learning selection was Nov. 30-Dec. 6 and is now closed. EnglishEspañolEnglish Dear DPS Families, Last week families Read More »