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Our DPS Weekly

Students at Traylor Elementary in Southwest Denver.

DPS’ Top 12 Moments from 2016-17

“It’s been an exciting year for DPS, full of one-of-a-kind celebrations and national recognitions, as well as key progress toward our goals and sometimes difficult,

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David Shuker

Diploma Fulfills Vet’s Seven-Decade-Old Dream

“All this time I’ve wanted this. I wanted that diploma. … It’s a dream come true.” — David Shuker Dear DPS Community, Walking across the

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Felicitaciones! Gungxi! Congratulations!

“Being a dual-language speaker has given me the courage to go out of my comfort zone to travel far away from home.” — Calla Horan,

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Our DPS Weekly: “I love my teacher because…”

“Mr. Cooke has taught me how to play the saxophone and the tenor drum. He has also helped me become a better person by teaching

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Driving Innovation and Closing the Digital Divide

“MyTech isn’t just about giving computers to kids — it’s about how we use technology to fundamentally increase the personalization and quality of learning for

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Students reading

School Funding: A Political, Not Economic, Problem

“As the state legislature comes near the end of its session, education funding in the school finance bill the legislature is considering will again not

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Rallie Ginsburg

100 Years Old and Still Playing for Team DPS

“We know how hard our educators work and how much impact they have on our kids. It’s why it’s so important to recognize those who

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Kyle Freeland pitching for TJ high school

Sports Matters, Just Ask Kyle Freeland

“Offering quality athletic programs to our kids has obvious benefits for their fitness and heath, and it’s also critical to our mission of supporting the

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Students at Bryant-Webster Dual Language School.

DPS: A Very Different Kind of Choice

“Choice, first and foremost, should be about having a great school in your neighborhood and making sure all of our schools serve all of our

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Our DPS Weekly: Breaking with Tradition for Our Kids

“This award belongs to our educators who were, and are, brave enough and dedicated enough to try something completely different.”   Dear DPS Community, Supt.

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