Campos EPC Donates Three STEM SmartLabs

Feb. 21, 2017
Elementary School STEM Lab

Thanks to the generous donation of Campos EPC, three more Denver Public Schools campuses will be receiving STEM SmartLabs.

The three schools selected for this prestigious award are:

  • Bear Valley International School
  • Lake International School
  • Girls Athletic Leadership Academy MS

Schools were selected based on multiple categories, including vision, community engagement and STEM K-12 pathway growth opportunities. STEM neighborhood pathways provide all students, in every community, access to great schools and STEM education. Systems of technology, including software engineering, robotics, scientific data and analysis, mechanics and structures, are addressed in the SmartLab curriculum. Students who engage in projects in these areas gain skills, knowledge and appreciation for the many fields and professions within STEM industries.

The goal of SmartLabs is to foster a learning environment in which students are guided to produce original ideas, objects and structures according to certain specifications using concepts and skills from math, science and technology.

To learn more, please visit our STEMConnect website.

Currently, six DPS schools have SmartLabs including: Slavens ECE-8 School, Merrill Middle School, Beach Court Elementary, William ‘Bill’ Roberts K-8 School, Sabin World School and Samuels Elementary School. The results in these schools are extraordinary. There is increased student engagement, higher achievement scores, and personalized learning that has spread into the culture of the entire school.

The introduction of SmartLabs into additional DPS schools will help solve the challenge of students losing interest in pursuing STEM subjects and build a pipeline of students primed to engage in the DPS CareerConnect curriculum sequences.