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Budget Transparency Guidebook for School Support Services Released

May. 4, 2018
Budget Transparency Guidebook for School Support Services Released

DPS is proud to release a new document that will offer educators, families and community members even greater perspective into the district’s General Fund budget decisions. The Budget Transparency Guidebook: School Support Services includes descriptions of the services provided by school support teams for 2017-18, as well as the approximate per-pupil costs of each service. With the release of this guidebook, DPS is leading the nation in school district financial transparency.

This year, just 4% of the district’s expenditures went toward central costs, while 96% was spent directly on supporting students. DPS has limited overhead costs significantly compared to other urban school districts, which typically spend between 10-20% of their budgets on central administrative costs. DPS allocates the majority of its overall budget — around 60% — directly to schools for school leadership teams to prioritize and budget, because school leaders are in the best position to decide how to spend money to best meet their students’ and teachers’ needs. Of the remaining 40%, DPS spends the vast majority of our funds in schools, including transportation, facilities, special education, athletics, teacher/principal compensation and benefits, books and more.

After the board adopts the 2018-19 budget, DPS staff will create an updated guidebook, which is expected to be released in time for the start of the school year in August.

We believe that when our community understands more about our budget, we can have more robust conversations that will lead to continuous improvement in DPS. We welcome your feedback on how to ensure our budgetary choices continue to support the district’s Denver Plan goals. Please email your questions and comments to