Broncos Player Tackles Attendance

Sep. 19, 2017
Brandon Marshall with Swansea Elementary Students
Brandon Marshall with Swansea Elementary Students


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Sept. 19, 2017

Brandon Marshall Partners with DPS Students to Kick Off the Swansea Attendance Challenge

Denver – On Tuesday, Sept. 19, Broncos Linebacker Brandon Marshall joined Swansea Elementary Principal Gilberto Munoz and Denver Public Schools’ students to kick off the second annual Swansea Elementary Attendance Challenge.

The Super Bowl champion announced the challenge to excited second-, third- and fourth-graders. At the end of the challenge, one class within each grade with the highest attendance will receive a pizza party with Brandon Marshall. Brandon’s mother, who is a former teacher, will also join the pizza party fun.

Marshall left students with a motivational message, “I try my best on the field just like you guys try your best in school.”

Last school year, Marshall increased attendance at Swansea for the first time in several years. This year, he is continuing to create good habits that will raise awareness of the importance of attending class each day.

Brandon Marshall with Swansea Elementary Students

Brandon Marshall at Swansea.