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Bringing an International Education to NHS

May. 22, 2017
Pictured: Deputy Superintendent Susana Cordova, NHS principal Amy Bringedahl, Superintendent Tom Boasberg, Board of Education member Rachele Espiritu and Stapleton Foundation president Landri Taylor celebrate NHS' designation as an IB World School.

Northfield High School achieves International Baccalaureate World School status

On Friday, May 19, as Northfield High School (NHS) gathered to celebrate the achievements made throughout the year by various students and the culmination of an excellent school year, students and staff were given some exciting and unexpected news: NHS has been designated the newest member of an ever-growing global community of schools, across 147 different countries, to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum and degree. 

“We wanted to offer our students a more holistic education which will instill in them the skills, knowledge, and outlook to succeed in the 21st century, both in their local community and in the wider world,” said NHS principal Amy Bringedahl. “At the same time, we wanted give our teachers the opportunity to be a part of an international network of experts leading the field in education. These courses will prepare our students for post-secondary options and also prepare them to be global citizens. We are delighted to become an IB World School and we look forward to reaping the many benefits of the program.”

Learning goes well beyond the classroom in the IB program, which has a positive impact on students, schools and their wider communities. Its unique and innovative approach to learning means both students and teachers are genuinely engaged with the programs and benefit from being a part of an unparalleled global network. Students are able to participate in international conferences, while educators work with their peers internationally to ensure that the IB remains at the cutting edge of international education.

“Colleges are going to look at me differently,” said NHS sophomore Hinzan Diarrassouba. “When I started as a freshman, I didn’t even know what the IB Program could offer. But then I started doing some research, and I found out that it can really make a difference once I graduate. I know it’s going to be a challenge. But I’m not nervous, because Northfield has prepared me for that.” 

Students will be able to take a full range of IB courses at NHS as the first cohort commences studies in the 2017-18 school year.