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Black Dads Story Time and Book Club

Jun. 19, 2020

Event Date: June 20, 2020

Black Dads Story Time and Book Club

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When we share books with our children, we create pathways for them to learn that pictures and words are symbols that can be interpreted; expose them to new words, thereby increasing their vocabulary, and affirming what they know about the world and themselves. More importantly, we strengthen our bonds with children through the connection and conversation that is part of sharing books with them. The Black Dads Story Time and Book Club offers this and much more this weekend for DPS students and families.

Black Dads Story Time and Book Club is a virtual space dedicated to celebrating Black fatherhood and offering a way for students and families to share joyful, affirming stories read aloud by Black fathers and grandfathers in Denver Public Schools. Fathers and grandfathers will share a read-aloud and ask questions to help students connect with the stories and the joy of reading! Storytellers will share their own love of reading and model lifelong learning for young readers.

Hosted by DPS’ African American Equity Task Force (AAETF), Black Dads Story Time and Book Club will span the Juneteenth and Father’s Day weekend, presenting such classic books as Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters and Ruth and The Green Book among others.

“I hope we can really celebrate Black fathers and experience the beauty and strength they bring to our lives, said Janet Damon, a Library Services Specialist with DPS.  “I’m certain the children’s experiences with story time and book club will be richer for it.”