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Asbury Elementary Inclusion Champions

Oct. 21, 2020
Asbury Elementary

These are teachers who were nominated for modeling Inclusive Practices at Asbury Elementary in honor of Disability Awareness month. To see other schools nominees, visit our Disability Awareness Submissions page.

Lauren Barros

“This is Mariami Reamy. I`m an MI Primary Teacher at Asbury Elementary. I`m serving as the Staffing Chair at my school as well. I`m writing to nominate our wonderful 1st-grade teacher, Lauren Barros as the Cultural Hero for the Disability Awareness Month.

I started in this position last year and made significant changes to the MI Primary program. My students have spent most of their days in their GenEd classes learning alongside their peers all year long with appropriate modifications and supports in place.

Lauren Barros

Last December, our principal, Alicia shared that she has seen more growth in children’s language and academic development within those few months than all previous years of her being here combined.

I believe that our GenEd teachers have made a significant difference for our kids. It was truly humbling to see how children thrived in their GenEd classes. Lauren has made her classroom the most welcoming environment for my 1st graders and the paraprofessional working with them. She has implemented all necessary accommodations and modified her instruction to make sure children were able to participate in every single activity in 1st grade.

If you had asked any of my 1st graders who their teacher was, they would have said Ms. Barros (I was simply the focus group teacher for them similar to our M/M teacher and the interventionists). Lauren made sure she attended all parent-teacher conferences for my kids. She made sure to collect kids` work and bring their portfolios to the conferences and the IEP meetings. Lauren had such deep understanding of my students` needs and who they were as people. If there’s anyone deserving to be a Cultural Hero, it’s Lauren Barros.”

— Nominated by Mariami Reamy