All DPS Schools to Remain Open on Tuesday

Feb. 11, 2019

Contract Negotiations to Resume at 10 a.m.

Denver – The Denver Public Schools negotiating team will return to the bargaining table Tuesday morning—the first resumption of contract talks since the Denver Classroom Teachers Association walked out of negotiations on Saturday evening. On the first day of the teachers’ strike, all DPS schools were open, as they are expected to be for the duration of the DCTA strike. Only preschool classes have been canceled, due to the higher staffing and licensing requirements.

“I’m very appreciative for all of the support we received from our staff all across the district today in keeping our schools open for our families,” DPS Superintendent Susana Cordova said. “In visiting more than a dozen schools this morning, I saw several schools that were having what felt like a fairly typical school day, with kids in classroom and instruction taking place, and others felt less like a typical day with more large-group activities. Overall, it was not a normal school day, but we worked hard to ensure students were cared for and having as good of a school day as we could provide.”

“And I’m eager to return to negotiations tomorrow to continue working toward reaching an agreement and getting our teachers back in their classrooms and our schools back to full strength,” Cordova added. “It’s been disappointing and frustrating not to have the union leadership at the table for the past two days. Our overriding priority in these discussions remains making a much stronger investment in the base salary of our teachers and maintaining a focus on equity and empowering our schools in high-poverty areas to help close our opportunity gaps through great instruction. I remain optimistic that, when we work hard together to talk through the different perspectives we have on the small number of areas in the contract where there are disagreements, we can reach an agreement soon and have our teachers back in their schools with their students.”

DPS and the DCTA will conduct negotiations Tuesday morning at 10 a.m in the basement of the Denver Public Library, 10 W 14th Ave Pkwy.

According to preliminary reports, 42% of the district’s 4725 classroom teachers in district-run schools reported to work. At the 30 highest priority schools where teachers receive incentive pay for working in high poverty settings, 49% of teachers reported to work. Student attendance at the start of the school day was reported to be 76%. DPS continued to serve meals at all schools, providing 22,796 servings of breakfast.

For more information, parents and families can call the Family Helpline at 720-423-3054 or visit Updates about the negotiations are available at