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Acting U.S. Attorney Bob Troyer Visits Gilpin Montessori

Oct. 6, 2016

Last spring students in upper elementary at Gilpin Montessori participated in the gangs, resistance, education and training (G.R.E.A.T.) program. G.R.E.A.T. is an evidence-based, effective gang and violence prevention program built around classroom curricula conducted by a law enforcement officer on a school campus. Gilpin’s participation in the program led to the school being selected as the first DPS school to participate in Project LEAD.

Project LEAD is a program that strives to better prepare students to make the right choices in life. Project LEAD has been proven to provide an important step to encourage children to stay in school and out of trouble. Volunteers leading the program serve both as teachers and role models for fifth grade students, including three assistant U.S. attorneys and community leaders. The program is weekly for 18 weeks, and at the end the session the students will participate in a mock trial. On Thursday, Oct. 6, Acting U.S. Attorney Bob Troyer visited Gilpin to show his support and participate in the Projcet LEAD program.

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