ACEConnect Promotes Career and College Success for All Students

Oct. 22, 2020
Two students in the kitchen

DPS provides the tools and resources for students to graduate career and college ready. DPS ACEConnect (Alternative Cooperative Education) ensures these options are available and accessible to all students by giving high school students with educational barriers the skills, knowledge and experiences to access and engage in career path development, post-secondary education/training and independent living. 

Students with disabilities, students who are economically disadvantaged, foster-involved youth, English language learners, and single parents are encouraged to participate in ACEConnect.. Approximately 900 students take advantage of ACE courses across 30 schools within the district.

ACEConnect provides students the unique opportunity to explore careers through both Career Development and specially-designed programming. Students experience first-hand the different careers in the Denver Metro area through paid and unpaid internships, career days, and business tours. They graduate knowing the best ways to get a job, keep a job and be independent following high school.  

“All the field trips we get really help me be able to find what is interesting to me and what I would want to do for the rest of my life,” said Cindy F., an ACEConnect student. 

In addition to career training, students connect with their community through local events, including RTD Intro Training, Denver Public Libraries and the ideaLAB, and the Passport Program with AdaptiveRec, where they learn skills to access resources and become engaged members of their communities.  

ACEConnect also supports special education students’  transition planning and goals. Transition planning is a coordinated set of services, supports and programming that is driven by student-centered planning, family involvement and self-determined student goals for life after high school.

Speak with your case manager to learn more, and visit Career, College & Community Access: ACEConnect Transition Services.

Student and instructor in the kitchen