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A Library of Love

May. 13, 2016

At John Amesse Elementary, fifth graders are asking lots of questions about the upcoming presidential election. Even though they can’t vote, they might have a top candidate in their librarian, Janet Damon.

“Every time the kids see me at the local library or at a community event, they’re like ‘OHHH! MRS. DAMON!’ almost like I am kind of a celebrity!” she said.

One of the big reasons Mrs. Damon is so popular is her commitment to the Montbello community. When she’s not volunteering in neighborhood libraries or organizing fun Star Wars-themed events at her school, she’s writing articles in her blog – Mix Momma – to provide fun, low-cost ideas for families to keep learning going year round.

“As much as we can give kids a love of learning that’s a lifelong learning, we’ll be in great shape as a country,” she said.