2020 Disability Awareness Month Student Submissions

Oct. 31, 2020

How Cerebral Palsy and education have gone hand in hand

A DPS Team Member's Story

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Doull Elementary

These photos were submitted from Doull’s Multi intensive (MI) classroom in honor of Disability Awareness.

Isabella Bird Elementary


Students created art in celebration of Disability Awareness this month, showing our DPS community how we can “grow our awareness.”

Lowry Elementary School

Lowry Elementary School

We have a fifth grade student that has joined our program for remote learning support at Discovery Link. His name is Hafeez and he has Cerebral Palsy, which limits his muscle movements and verbal communication as well as being in a wheel chair. He has joined us every day since he’s signed up which is almost a month now and it’s been such a pleasure having him in our program. I have not worked with children with disabilities or special needs, so this was a new transition for myself and it ended up being an amazing one. Hafeez is kind, hilarious, sweet, thoughtful, and all around a social butterfly. I am honored to be a part of a program that allows me to work with students like himself. It made this difficult time, a great one.”

— Submitted by Samantha C. Gray

East High School

Elise Anton – Student Inclusion Champion!

“This student is a senior and is co-president (with other student Megan Whitbeck) of the #unified club. She has helped create an inclusive art class as well as spearheaded the campaign to increase inclusive practices at East High School and social activities/sports with all students. (Photo is of Elise-on the right- and her sister, Sophia, who is a freshman at East; There are many more photos of this club in action!)”

— Nominated as a student Inclusion Champion by Sarah Hagevik

Elise Anton

Swigert International School

Emmy Priddy

October is Dyslexia Awareness month, and 3rd grade student Emmy Priddy raised money to fund a dyslexia screener for the Denver Public Schools system by selling her art. Below are some samples of her work, courtesy of her mother Kelley:

Emmy Priddy Art 1
Emmy Priddy 2
Emmy Priddy 3
Emmy Priddy 4

Additional Submissions

These submissions were provided to us directly by students, who did not share their school affiliation, but did share their art!

Heart art
Submitted by Nora Rowley.
Submitted by Oliver Wofford.

What does it mean to be inclusive?

In DPS, inclusion and inclusive practices are an essential part of ensuring Equity for all of our students. But what is inclusion?

At a fundamental level, inclusion means that in every classroom, we communicate, teach, work and play as if every student belongs and can fully participate. It means that we assume that students with disabilities belong with their peers, and are competent and capable of learning new skills.

Inclusion means that teachers provide differentiation and accommodation as well as modify lessons to support all students in reaching their potential. To learn more about what inclusion is — and what it isn’t — take a look at this useful resource.

Inclusion Champions

Our teachers in DPS champion Inclusive Practices in a variety of ways. These teachers were nominated by their peers as Inclusion Champions. You can find Inclusion Champions by school below:

Dora Moore Inclusion Champions

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Johnson Elementary Inclusion Champions

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in DPS ... inclusion matters.

South High School Inclusion Champions

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Thomas Jefferson High School Inclusion Champions

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North High School Inclusion Champions

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Bear Valley International School Inclusion Champions

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Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment Inclusion Champions

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Teller Elementary School Inclusion Champions

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Noel Community Arts High School Inclusion Champions

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Lena Archuleta Elementary Inclusion Champions

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Munroe Elementary Inclusion Champions

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Willow Elementary Inclusion Champions

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Asbury Elementary Inclusion Champions

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Edison Elementary Inclusion Champions

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