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Primary Students

Teacher: Mrs. Sandra Shields, Grade 1

El Cine

Por Brian

Mi familia me lleva al cine a ver la pelicula de Pokemon. Mi mamá me trai unas palomitas para comer y unas sodas. Es muy chistosa la pelicula. Mi mamá se llama Lupe y mi papá se llama Emanuel. Mis abuelitos me cuentan una historia. Mi papí me lleva al parque y también me lleva a Elitches.

Mi Familia

Por Nalley

Fuimos a comparar un pastel. Todos fuimos a la tiende a comprar comida para toda la gente qu viene a el cumpleaños de mi hermana mayor que tiene veinte años. Despues no fuimos a dormir.

Mi Familia

Por Gissel

En mi familia hay cuatro personas. Mi mamá y papá. Tengo una hermanita y mi tio Oscar. Mi tio Oscar me lleva a McDonalds. Mi hermanita se llama Miri. Tiene cuatro años y yo y ella jugamos con muñecas.

Teacher: Mrs Chris Nitta; Room 9, Grade 2


By Christian

Today I had
A bad day
So I am sad.
Someone threw
A football at me.
It hurt.
I don't want to
Do my homework,
It is hard.
It frustrates me.
I am MAD!



By Clifton R.

Red is an apple
shiny and good,
Red is a rose
pretty and bright red,
Red is my library book,
and hearts small and slimy!!
Red makes me happy!!!


By Andres

Blue is the color of a bird
Blue are flowers,
Blue are Chelsea's eyes,
blue are dolphins,
Blue is a book,
Blue is a pencil,
Blue is a ruler,
blue are my feelings.

Teacher: Mrs Bonnie Hargrove; Room 20, Grade 2

My Dog

By Emily

I love
my big
He's furry
and cute
and likes
to chew
my shoe.


By Angel

Blue is the sea.
Blue is the sky
But does it have to be?
Because it makes the earth shine.

Teacher: Ms Jessica Rehnberg, Grade 3

The Eagleton Eagles

By The Boy's Soccer Writing Team

Eagles lives in our hearts
And makes is strong

We hunt for the ball with eagle eyes
Fighting off our enemies

We fly like eagles
Fast as rockets

We make shadows on the grass
Swooping, spinning, diving

We soar over soccer fields
Healthy and strong

We fight for the ball
Active and undying

We protect our goal
With powerful talons

We perch on goal posts
We nest in soccer fields

There is an Eagle in us
That never gives up


By Carla C. and Renea V.

Eagle is our symbol
Ability is our game. We are
Gifted by our teachers, who help us
Learn to gain more brain
Education is our gift from them. From the beginning
Til we die
On top of all that, we are a
Nation that won't lie

Teacher: Mrs. Veronica Bradsby, Grade 3

At School

By Oscar G.

At school we first take attendance. If we are here we have to put a little man in a pocket that says our name. Then we go to specials, which is library, gym, music, or computers. After we come from any of these four things we do science. At science we make an experiment and write about it. Then we do literacy. At literacy we write, read, do spelling packets, and we listen to stories. Then we wash our hands. After that, we line up for lunch. When we finish eating lunch we go to recess. At recess we play. When the 3rd grade bell rings we go inside. After that we go to math, in math we do math activities. Then we do social studies, in social studies we get a packet that Mrs. Bradsby gives us to do. After that we clean up and line up and we go home.


By Joshua.

Snow is cold

Snow is white

Snow is round

Snow makes patterns

Snow makes water frozen

Snow melts

When the sun comes up

Library Challenge Question
"When is Mickey Mouse's birthday and why was that date chosen?"

And the winner is ...... Melinda W. in 5th grade

Mikki..Hiiri..Miki Kuchi.. Miguel Ratoncito Topolino... Mikke Muss... Musse pigg... Camondongo Mikey.. El raton Mickey... El Raton miguelito
These are a few ways they say Mickey Mouse in other countries. Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney and celebrated his birthday on November 18, 1928 because that is the date the first sound cartoon was made...."Steamboat Willie". This cartoon was shown for the first time at the Colony Theater in New York. He is known as the lovable mouse with big ears, red shorts with 2 big buttons, big yellow shoes and oversized white gloves. He became more famous when the Mickey Mouse Club started. Now everybody knows the famous tune...."Who's the leader of the band? Mickey Mouse"
Also, he's my mom's hero!!

Intermediate Students

Teacher: Mrs. Connie Anderson, Grade 4



Written by Room 2

Ancestral Puebloans
Lived in caves
Houses of clay
built on top of each other
planting corn, squash, and beans
Clothes made from animals
Hunted with bows and arrows.

Titanic Ship

By Roy

The Titanic
had more than 6000 persons in the ship
It was so big
The Titanic hit an ice berg
When they were going to New York
Half of the persons died
Only 300 persons survived or less

The Teachers Show

By Tenisha

I have an important announcement to make
I want everyone to know:
On Monday all classes are canceled,
The teachers will put on a show,
Mr. Roy will be juggling meatballs,
Mrs. Anderson will dance with a bear,
Mrs. Bradsby and Mr. Moreno will yodel,
Mrs. Mounger will pull out her hair,
Mrs. Hargrove is quite entertaining,
Mrs. Hargrove does something you've never seen,
If you want a bad case of measles,
She'll paint them on red, white, and green,
Ms. Weed is also performing,
She came up with something quite new,
She's doing her act in the kitchen,
She's dumping the cook in the stew!!!

My Teacher

By Christina S

My teacher
I think I know how she feels
Some kids are fighting
The others are chatting
The other is drawing
I think she feels like her head is
going to explode.
She told the kids to do their work
They do the opposite
I think I know how she feels
She wants to run out
I think I know how she feels.

Teacher: Ms Becky Pacheco: Grade 5


By Lucita

I will look so fancy, fancy, fancy
I will prancy, prancy, prancy
I love to dancy, dancy, dancy!

The Stars

By Pedro

The sun is up, the sun is down
The sky is black the stars are out
Some are hidden, but they are everywhere.
The sun is coming out and the stars are
going away just waiting for it to be night
Soon, the stars will be out

Pretty Dresses
By Carina

Pretty dresses red, white, and green,
I think they are really keen.
The dresses will twirl and swirl,
I'm so glad that I'm a girl

By Valeria

You bought us dresses, how sweet!
The colors are really neat.
It fits perfect when I tried it on,
Ms. Weed you are the bomb!

Teacher: Ms Julie Fitzgerald: Grade 5

About Killer Whales

By Richell

Killer whales are the top predators in the ocean. Killer whales live where it is cold. These whales often like to eat seals, dolphins, and sharks. If a killer whale spots prey on ice the whale will tilt the ice and the prey will fall in the water and will be eaten.
Killer whales can be recognized by their black and white patches on their back. An average whale weighs about 3-7 tons and their length is about 20-30 feet long. Killer whales can swim up to 35 mph.
When killer whales have babies, their babies are called calves.
Killer whales have their own language. When killer whales are in danger they give a signal and it means help. A whole pod of whales hunt together for food.
Some people think whales kill humans but they only kill for food

Teacher: Mrs Helen Vigil: Grade 5


By Quy T.

From generations to generations
Everybody has seen brave people become
Astronauts, soaring through the unknown
Revealing secrets of the
Lifeless universe
Everything was fine, then
Suddenly an explosion, sad faces
Spread like a wildfire through America


By Adam V.

Hearts Broken
Untold secrets remain
Tears, tears, and more tears
Tell the world it exploded
Left to heaven
Everyone still in tears


By Erick

Farwell our seven heros
Astronauts flying in space
Ran out of time
Exploring is over
We are mourning
Everyone is sad
Leaving earth so soom
Lost their families forever


By Monique R.

Always wanted to go
So excited about going
Telling family good-bye
Rocket goes up
Only a few seconds left
Never again seen
Astronauts sad
USA really shocked
Tragedy happened
Shuttle has exploded


By Eddie

The black and white one
The provider
Where is he hiding
I looked everywhere
the wild cornfields
Where is he, Where?
Help me find him


By Rocio

Have you seen him?
Is he running away?
He is probably running
Looking for prey
Is he chasing small animals
Trying to survive?
Is he at the waterfalls
drinking some fresh water?
But why are you running away?
Is it because you might
become endangered?
Please come back

Snow Lepord

By Angel

Where did they go?
I looked in the snowy mountains,
there they are
Do they think I am an enemy
or a friend
They have beautiful black spots
I run after them
I see cubs
Ten years later
They are all gone,
I hope not forever


By Flor

Where are you?
Why are you leaving?
Is it because of the hunters?
Or the poachers?
Or is it your home?
that is being destroyed,
And your habitat is gone
Please don't leave
We will try to save you
Please don't leave

The Dolphin

By Sarina

The one who swims
The one who does tricks
He makes noises when he comes up for air
Oh where has he gone?
Maybe somewhere in the middle of the ocean
Never to be found
Oh where, Oh where has he gone
Please come back!!!


By Melissa

Where has he gone?
is he hididng in the bushes?
Is he cold in the cool breeze?
I wonder.............
soft and fury
In winter we could not see him
He is trying to hide
From the mean old wolf
Trying to protect itself
He is harmless
He could not do anything evil to anyone
but where has he gone.........
Oh where, Oh where


By Brian

Are you lost somewhere?
Why have you left me alone
The fur of your coat keeps you warm
Where have you gone
the cuddly one
The one that always liked to be
on top of a tree
I looked for you where your
favorite place is
And you are not there
I wonder if someone tried to kill you
My good friend.

White tiger

By Isai

Where are you?
My big white friend
I can't believe you're almost gone
I wonder if they have captured you.
Why did you just disappear?
Have hunters killed you for that fur of yours?
You keep me warm from cold
I've looked for you in the forest
and the mountains
and all over the snow
and you are not anywhere
Where have you gone?

Memories from a former student


By Nerissa
former Eagleton Student

Eagleton memories, so precious to me.
Eagleton memories, taught me to be me.

Eagleton memories, oh how I wish I was still there.
Eagleton memories, hold on I need to fix my hair.

Eagleton memories, gave me opportunities and ideas.
Eagleton memories, I even learned to make sopapias.

Eagleton memories, taught me how to tell time.
Eagleton memories, all the teachers so fine.

Eagleton memories, of teachers who inspired me.
Eagleton memories, meant a lot to me.

Eagleton memories, are so far away.
Eagleton memories, yet I'm here today.

Eagleton memories, so precious to me.
Eagleton memories, the greatest school to ever be.



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